Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Flightplan

Jodie Foster stars in this thriller. Jodie Foster is big and can be relied upon to carry a movie. It starts with Jodie who is dealing with loss. Her husband has just died. She is carrying the coffin of her husband to America by air, and is accompanied by her 6 year old daughter.

En route she loses her daughter. No one on board believes she had her daughter with her. For starters, how can a child get 'lost' on a plane? The Captain (Sean Bean) launches a search for the girl, but without any result. He makes a few calls and finds out that the Jodie's girl had also died along with her husband. She is treated as a mental case and an on-board psycologist (Greta Satchi) comes to counsel her.

The air marshall Carson, (Peter Saarsguard) seems sympathetic to her and seems to want to help her. Jodie keeps slipping away to conduct searches of her own, which yeild nothing. She even opens her husbands coffin in the luggage area to check.

So far, the ambience of the movie manages to create a psycological thriller look. Even we are forced to question, does the little girl exist on 'plane or is she a figment of Jodies distraught imagination. The movie moves on a grand scale. We imagine either a large conspiracy or a straitjacket for Jodie.

But alas, the movie wimps out when Carson is seen as a villian who has a plan of planting a bomb on the plane and blaming it on Jodie. He plans to run away with the ransom while the police put a bullet in Jodie's head. In all this huge conspiracy he is helped only by an airhostess. Of course, Jodie manages to total the guy and blow him up with the plane and walk out with her daughter.

In the end.. just a run of the mill thriller.

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