Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Went off to see Hancock yesterday with my son. The movie was handpicked by him out of several offerings. Long live innocence. The movie gets into the groove right away, with police chasing the baddies. Hancock is drunk senseless, ill dressed, foul mouthed and foul tempered. Nevertheless, he lands up to help. The baddies are bashed up and left hanging from some pointy tower in LA. The general public does not know whether to laugh or cry because a lot of property is damaged by Hancock.

In comes Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman), the good hearted loser. He is saved by Hancock from being crushed by a train in his usual destructive fashion. But Ray refuses to bash Hancock, he highlights the fact that his life was saved. Hancock delivers him home and is immediately taken by his beautiful wife and son. The wife seems to dislike him for some reason.

Ray decides to give Hancock a makeover, and tries to make him more people savvy. He gets Hancock a proper super-person suit instead of his usual shorts and shirt. He tries to teach Hancock how to get on the good side of public, damage less property, say some good lines.

The surprise comes when Hancock learns about his past.... which involves Ray's beautiful wife Mary (ahem.. Charlize Theron).

A good story, something different from the usual pat explanations that other superhero's have.

My only grouse with this movie was that it was over too soon. We cant do with a movie that gets over in an hour and a half.. I barely got time to finish my popcorn. Hancock II are you listening ??


  1. Hey AVzz

    Seems like u wanted more of Hancock.
    It has met with different reactions from different people. People who went in expecting an IronMan from it didnt get their value worth money.
    People who went in just to have fun ... like they do in every Will Smith movie ..espeically after watching the trailer ... like me .. enjoyed it :)

    Nice Write up ... a little shoprt though ... are you listening :-D



  2. haa... i cant write long.. if i had written the mahabharata it would have been much shorter.. 5 bros vs 100. famous 5 pissed when 100 cheat them out of their kingdom, garner army, attack 100 n win. No frills.. over in 5 episodes .. hehe !

  3. god! this recent obsession with makeovers!!! atleast will smith cleaned up seems a good enough reason to watch. tho, i saw iron man recently and what a sucker that was! so have vowed that the next superhero movie i see this year will be the batman one!!!! because that's gonna be amazing!!!!!

    (i am a grown woman which is why the thought of bale and ledger makes me go weak at the knees and has reduced my iq to single digits, sorry avdi will make better sense next time) :S


  4. Papaya ! Hey I am grow woman too and ditto your comment about Heath Leger and Chritian Bale, I have to remind myself not to drool too much..

    I dont mind the superhero flicks too much, n enjoy special effects too.

  5. He he he, you want more :D

    The premise of the movie seems interesting I mean a bad superrr herro...U never know we might have a Hancock version of Krrish verry soon ;)

    Keep watching...


  6. I think we already have LOVE STORY 2050 ;) which no one wants .. hehe..

    Will Smith carries the movie on his able shoulders..

  7. Bizare - landed on the right blog and da favorite movie.

    Have similar thoughts lady.