Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Snake And Peacock Fight
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This dance is from the film Suhaag Raat starring Jeetendra and Rajshri (1968).  It seems to take place on a kotha, which is highly unlikely.  It is more of a 'stage' kind of a dance.  Its fabulous, much better than all those Sridevi's scary nagin dances.  The wonderful Laxmi Chhaya teams up with Madhumati for this Snake and Peacock dance.


  1. That dance off is indeed fabulous the mujra 'main qayamat' that preceeded it is amongst my all time favourite mujras. I wrote up the movie a while ago here

  2. Splendid. Laxmi was awesome. I remember reading a blog of some firang who always wrote on dancers of Laxmi's style. Like Bindu, Helen, Jayshree T et al.

    'Scary in Nagin dances' might be but Sri was adorable. Aww, so lovely.

  3. bwd - I am looking at that post right now. :) I didnt like the movie, but this is a find !

  4. vee - Laxmi was really awesome. You dont know what I have been doing recently. We will talk soon :D

  5. I myself didn't care much for the movie the exception being the songs and that delicious campy catfight