Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kalpana- Tu Hai mera Prem Devta

Years ago, when I was still in junior school, we went on a trip to a beach close by called Balachadi.

Somewhere on this fine sand, our music teacher sat with a tabla, and our science teacher sat with a harmonium.  They sang this awesome song for us.

The memory of that day lingers in my mind to this day, and makes this song extra special for me.

Tu Hai Mera Prem Devta
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  1. Wow!!!!! i love your new layout, its utterly frabjous

  2. Thanks bd :) I looked high and low for it .. something pink with bees..hehe

  3. Lovely song. I hadn't known about this one until a friend introduced me to it, I think when I did my post on the songs of Manna Dey. It is certainly a song I'd have liked sung for me on a serene beach!

  4. Dustedoff, thanks. I will look for your post, I love Manna Dey.

  5. Nice! I could almost picture it myself!

  6. That's a nice story, Avdi. But who did you get to see dance to this? :)

    I discovered this song through my Travancore Sisters mania, but it did give me a new appreciation of Manna Dey also (and a greater appreciation of O.P. Nayyar).

    By the way, "me too" re. Bollywooddeewana's comment on your new layout. I feel a little confused by the listing of two variations for your name, but I am assuming that here, I should address you as Avdi. :)

  7. Richard :)

    Thanks. No Padmini/Ragini danced, alas.

    I was also surprised to learn that the music for this fine classical song was by OP Nayyar, who was more famous for 'tick tock' songs picturised on a horseback.

    My nickname was avdi, when I was little girl, some of my cousins still call me that. I don't mind being called either ava or avdi. :)

  8. wow.. thats wonderful feeling.