Saturday, November 6, 2010

Go Go Go Golmaal 3

It is hard to beat a class act.  Golmaal 1 (Fun Unlimited) was a class act. Rather rough around the edges yet wacky, it quickly became a favorite of comedy lovers. Its title song - Lajawab.

Golmaal 2 wasn't IT at all.  Not bad of course, but the added star cast was not able to enhance its appeal.  It's title song worked so well - Lajawab 2.

Golmaal 3 - go die laughing.  It works and how.  The lafantar gang is footloose once again. Madhav (Arshad Warsi)  lives with his brothers Laxman (Kunal Khemu) and Lucky (Tusshaar Kapoor - dumb as ever) and father  Pritam (Mithun Chakravorty).  On the other hand Gopal (Ajay Devgan) and Laxman(Shreyas Talpade) live with their mum Geeta (Ratna Pathak Shah). Dabboo (Kareena) is a hanger on in the family, an anath child, with a dog called Facebook.  The Madhav group and the Gopal group don't get along.  They wind up wrecking everything within miles around them everytime they meet.  Geeta and Pritam have been past lovers and a meeting rekindles their romance.  They decide to get married.  But can the Madhav and the Gopal group live together as brothers? Here you have a wacky take on Khatta Meetha and Hamare Tumhare.

The best part of the movie is that all the characters belong nowhere.  They are like a bunch of wild cats forced to live together.  Just like Golmaal 1 (the unbeatable) there is no overt bhai-bhai or dost-dost thing here. The plot is as loose and disjointed as it was in G1 and you just have to be there in the cinema to be able to make any sense out it.

I knew something was seriously wrong with when I found myself able to follow what Tusshar was trying to say!  Ae ii aa oo ye!

Kareena looks pretty here, really.  I have never been a fan of her looks, but I have to admit she looks good in this movie. She is the prime mover and shaker in a movie dominated by men.  The men get to show their machismo in one over-drawn fight sequence.  And really, while we are at it, the opening track of Ajay Devgan on two cars and Kareena on one was clearly an animation, it shows yaar.  Not that it takes anything away from the film, but please don't tout it as some kind of a stunt sequence. The actors are all too good to have to prove themselves here.  Ratna Pathak Shah has maintained her size zero and looks fab.

Go go go Golmaal song rules! How can Rohit Shetty come up with winning title tracks all the time.  Here's to a Golmaal 4, hope it keeps the flag flying.


  1. looks like you loved it a lot. Will catch it next weekend. This weekend I watched Machete ... loved the female star cast .. Jessica Alba, Michele Rodrigez, Lindsay Lohan, the Crazy babysitter twins from planet terror as nurses and Hillary Clinton.
    Ok kidding about Hillary Clinton.

    I have bought a humongous book off the street "Works of Homer". Will give it a read in the meantime.

  2. I haven't seen this yet. But as you and others have cited its better that G-2 which was utter crap, I will give this a try.

    I feel Rohit Shetty Comedy Circus attend kar kar ke wahan se jokes churata hai... I feel he should give chance to those from Comedy Circus.. they are class apart.. a lot better than Warsis n Talpades.

  3. I don't watch any TV, so mere liye it was ok.

  4. Lol i'm yet to catch up on the previous Golmaal's on dvd but yours is the most enthusiastic and kind review of Golmaal i've read, i'll see what i make of the first one and then decide if i'll follow up

  5. bdeewana - The movies have the same star cast, but the stories are independent, not required to be viewed in any particular order. I am a fan of Golmaal 1 though.

    Seeing the movie first day first show was another experience altogether.