Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dev Anand will live forever in our hearts

I think I have always been a Dev Anand fan.  His effervescence spilled out from the screen and affected me.  While going over my friend Pamir Harvey's post on Dev Anand's screen jodis I realised that there was hardly a heroine that did not look good with him.  In fact, I can't think of any girl that did not look good by his side.  He was so charming, he looked so in love with his leading lady that she looked like 'the one' for him.

He was so handsome, so urbane looking that is almost incredible how he managed to pull off being a poor guide in the city of Jaipur in Guide.  Even more amazing is his performance as a crook with no compunctions in Jaal.  It is a movie that deserves to be found and restored.  The song "Yeh raat yeh Chandni phir Kahan" is one of the best 10 songs from Hindi films.

Dev Anand has been in so many pathbreaking, trendsetting films.  Baazi was the first film to bring a hollywood style thriller genre to bollywood.  Jewel Thief, Johnny Mera Naam and Gambler were stylish films that wowed audiences.  Who can forget Hare Rama Hare Krishna?  Several of his later films like Yeh Gulistan Hamara, Ishq Ishq Ishq, Prem Shastra and parts of Gambler, were shot in North Eastern part of India.  Heera Panna was a road movie with Heera and Panna zipping through countryside in a car.  The story of his movies in 70s were often odd and unusual.  He is nearly in an incestous relationship in both Ishq Ishq Ishq and Prem Shastra.  These movies were not too good, but different from the loud stuff that was being trotted out in the 70s.

Dev has been in so many wonderful films that it is not possible to forget him.  His handsome looks, unparalleled screen presence and incredible talent ensures that he stays among the top 5 actors of all times.


  1. RIP, indeed. Dev Anand was certainly an institution. I've lost count of the number of films I've seen simply because he was the hero in them - not for any other reason.

  2. Dev, Dev, Dev!
    I think he was the first male actor, whom I adored.
    Such an easy charm, sophisticated but down to earth.
    And what really impresses me about him is his energy to start new projects and the ability not to look back.
    I think his films will never go out of fashion!

  3. Madhu, even an indifferent film became watchable because Dev was in it.

    Harv- he was in a league of his own.

  4. Yesterday when I was listening to his songs I had a lump in my throat :(

  5. Smita. So many beautiful songs of his are playing on TV, its a treat. I am thinking of getting his book.

  6. Jewel Thief and Johny Mera Naam (Lets call them JT and JNM - modern ishtyle jaisaa aajkal ka trend hai :) ) are among my all time fav movies... they dont make 'em like that anymore!


  7. Definitely a guy who has left a great legacy behind :)

  8. Hi there, just found your blog while looking for, uh, eye candy on google. My name is Sasha. :) I'm 13 years old, and I just started watching films of the Golden Era. Dev was actually the reason I started watching old movies. First I watched Johny Mera Naam (Twice actually, they enjoy showing it once a month on Zee Cinema and I'm not going to object!), then Jewel Thief, and then I remembered. My grandma used to talk a lot about his movie Guide. (Don't ask me how I remember - I was 5 or 6 then. And I also somehow remember that they showed Guide on TV once. That's how the song "Gaata Rahe Mera Dil" stuck in my head.) So I asked her if we could watch it. We did have a bonkers VCD (Thank you, Shemaroo.), and trust me - the first thing that happened to me was a coughing fit. Ack, I thought his puff was weird at first. Don't ask me why. I love it so much now that I can't fathom why I thought it was weird. But I loved it! Goldie's magic and his chemistry with Waheeda! And the soooongs! Then I started to love his puff. I used to spend hours and hours on YouTube listening to his songs, and I had so much fun discovering his films one by one. I was literally tripping over them. Hurray for recommended videos! I watched Tere Ghar Ke Samne because everyone was singing his praises for it (Even those that didn't really like him - just you wait, I'll fix them all by asking them to watch Solva Saal and Munimji!) And what can I say - I love the movie. So much. "Dil Ka Bhanwar" - my favorite song. His puff hairstyle, his beret and coat (now, what's not to love about that?) and the way he juggled the two families! And the songs! Over the next ten months I collected so many of his movies! And engaged in a lot of arguments on YouTube. (No one can insult him and get away with it! No one!) When I learned the bad news, I was so shocked. Really, really, shocked to the core. It was terrible - I mean, how the heck? I always thought he'd be immortal. (Yes. Seriously. I used to prance around and sing "Tera Mera Pyar Amar". And a lot of other crazy stuff.) So then I was numb. For two days. I couldn't cry or anything. Just. Numb. Then on the second night I listened to his songs, and I don't think I've ever cried so much in my whole entire life. Sometimes while listening to his songs I'll just randomly start crying because I miss him. When I talk about him sometimes I cry. Sometimes I really don't think I'll ever be the same person who watched Jewel Thief and raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan like an idiot when I found out Jewel Thief spoilers the, uh, real jewel thief. And what they were gonna do to him. o_o I'm saying this honestly, I screamed whenever I looked at the word shock for the next three months. And my friends used to do that purposely to annoy me. Or scare me. Whichever you prefer. But yeah, I really really really loved Dev's movies (and I still do!), and his movies really brought a lot of happiness and excitement in my life.

    I apologize for this gigantic comment. I go on and on when it comes to Dev. And my classmates get annoyed. :P

  9. Sasha! I have seen your comments on Madhu's blog.

    You can talk as much about Dev as you want here. I adore him :)

  10. Yay Ava! ;) Thanks! -dances- You're probably the first person I've met that adores Dev! My classmates get annoyed (Cause they don't understand my rambling!) and- WOOHOO! Dev's song on the radio. Haha. :D -does another dance- Anyway. I've seen his films, most of them, only for him. Yeah, only for him. ;) I used to do a lot of crazy stuff last time. Once when they played "Dil Ka Bhanwar" on the radio (Someone requested it), I fell to the ground. Just flat on the ground. Cause I was so happy! :DDDD Once there was a time I was talking with my friend on the phone and suddenly Dev's song came on the radio. And I made so much noise, then jumped on the bed and then went back to the phone. My friend told me flat out - "I thought you were going to die." Ah, well.

    I role-play cats too on some forums, so once I had this cat that nodded a lot and talked in a rapid fire style. He was so much fun to role-play! After that the leader banned cats based off people, but I continued to do it anyway. A few weeks back, I told everyone, "I want to have my cat sing Khoya Khoya Chand! :D" (I had a few cats sing Dev's songs before, hehehehe!) The leader replied, "If you do that, I reserve the right to say that the Borg were responsible for the disappearances." And once in school I even tried to do his Khoya Khoya Chand walk and my classmates all laughed at me. My friend also gave me a scarf for my birthday, and I managed to convince my grandma to help me tie the scarf like how he did it in "Deewana Mastana Hua Dil". :)

    And this might sound silly but I cried my eyes out in Jab Pyar Kisi Se Hota Hai. When Pran kept beating Dev at it, I got so frustrated, I picked up something really hot and held it till Dev finally bashed up Pran in the end. Well, my left hand got burnt, but at least Dev won! :D I used to follow him on Twitter too, and I even drew him a hat for his birthday (Even though he never saw it). It's over here: