Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chitra Singh - Hamko dushman ki nigahon se na dekha keejay

I am posting this to feed my blog, to prevent it from dying.  Also, I love Chitra Singh.  She was the perfect singing partner for Jagjit Singh.  Her flute like voice complemented Jagjit's heavy one.

Their duets are amply celebrated.  But I feel, at times, Chitra is neglected as a solo singer.  Hence this offering.

Here is a lovely song, with beautiful lyrics and great music.  Chitra does full justice to it.

Pyar hi pyar hain hum
Hum pe bharosa keeje

     humko dushman kee nigahoN se na dekha keeJe
     pyaar hi pyaar haiN hum humpe bharOsa keeJe

     chand yaadoN ke siwa haath na kuch aayega
     is tarah uMr-e-gureza ka na peecha keeJe

     roshni auroN ke aaNgaN meiN gawara na sahee
     kam se kam apne ghar meiN to uJaala keeJe

     kya khabr kab wo chale aayenge milne ke liye
     roz palkoN pe nayee shamme jalaya keeJe


  1. Beautiful. I'd never heard this song before, but one of my favourite Chitra-Jagjit ghazals IS a solo by Chitra, Kisi ranjish ko hawa do:

  2. Thank you DO. I love Kisi Ranjish as well :)

  3. A favourite from their earlier days. She was perhaps too syrupy for generic songs, but the ghazals she chose showcased her pretty well. Apart from this one (and Kisi Ranjish), I thought her version of "Pareshaan raat saari hai" actually trumped the Jagjit version.

  4. Thank you AKM.

    Yes. I agree. Actually I keep trawling the net for Chitra songs. She sang a very lovely version of Momin's "Wo jo ham me tum me qarar tha". It is a big favorite of mine.

    I hope to put my act together one day and post a whole list of her songs.