Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Some good Pradeep Kumar songs.

Pradeep Kumar (1925-2001) was a film actor who worked in hindi films from 1952 to 1984.  His filmography looks like he accepted almost any film that came his way.  For instance, in 1965, he worked in Bheegi Raat (co-starring Meena Kumari and Ashok Kumar), and also Zindagi aur Maut (co-starring Faryal).

In 1967, he starred alongside Nargis in Raat aur Din.  In the same year, he also worked in Wahan Ke Log with Tanuja.  He was a hero in both these films, and looks quite fit and fine to me.  Yet, a year later, in 1968, he was playing Deb Mukherjee's father in Sambandh.

Pradeep Kumar's name does not come up when you are recounting the best actors of Hindi films.  However, if you are browsing through YouTube videos of songs you love listening to, you are bound to run into Pradeep Kumar a lot more often.  Therefore, as a tribute to this ubiquitous actor (on YouTube at least) I am presenting here under 10 songs of Pradeep Kumar that I like a lot.

I won't call these songs his best.  Listing best songs of any actor is a pressure I cannot live up to.  Hence, some very good songs that feature Pradeep Kumar, here goes:

1. Vande Mataram from Anand Math
This song never fails to give me goosebumps.  The original Vande Mataram.  I like the Lata version equally well.  This was the debut film, in Hindi, of Pradeep Kumar.  Prior to this, he worked in some Bengali movies. The lyrics are by Shri Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay and the music is by Hemant Kumar.

Meena Kumari paired up with Pradeep Kumar in quite a number of films (7 films according to Wikipedia). This was their first film together.  This song is sung twice, once in the voice of Talat Mehmood and next in the voice of Lata.  Enjoy them both.  The link contains both the songs back to back.  The music is by Husnlal Bhagatram and the lyrics are by Qamar Jalalabadi. 

Nagin was one of the earliest Hindi films that Vyjayantimala worked in.  It had music by Hemant Kumar which was a super duper hit.  I don't think there walks a lover of Hindi film music on this earth who has not listened to a song of this film.  Of all the songs, I love this lilting tune best.  The song is sung by Hemant Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar.

4. Gaya Andhera hua ujala from Subah ka Tara
In this movie, Pradeep Kumar pairs up with Jayashree Gadkar. It is a duet once again with Talat Mehmood and Lata Mangeshkar.  The music is by C Ramachandra and the lyrics are by Noor Lakhnawi.  I have no idea what the film was about, but the music is divine.

This is another Pradeep Kumar song that makes me go weak in the knees.  What lovely music by Shanker Jaikishen.  I would surely pick this song as one of the most romantic Hindi film songs.  In this movie, according to the poster, Pradeep Kumar stars with Mala Sinha.  There is no video of the song.  This film also has that beautiful Hemant Kumar number - Rula kar chal diye ik din. The lyrics of the songs are by Hasrat Jaipuri.  

This is another gorgeous Shankar Jaikishen number with lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri.  This song is sung by Rafi. In Raj Hath, Pradeep Kumar co-starred with Madhubala and Sohrab Modi.  The movie has other beautiful songs such as, Yeh wada karo chand ke saamne, and Mere sapne me aana re.

Pradeep Kumar starred alongside Vyjayantimala in this film.  Listen to this captivating song sung by Hemant Kumar and Asha Bhonsle.  The music is by Hemant Kumar and the song is written by S.H.Bihari. What a lovely song.

8. Zameen se Hame Aasmaan par  from Adalat
This movie has a line up of lovely songs.  Not a surprise, as the music was by Madan Mohan. The lyrics are by Rajinder Krishan.  I tried using an adjective before the word "lyrics" in the previous sentence, but could not come up with the appropriate word to describe how good they are.  In this movie, Pradeep Kumar stars alongside Nargis. 

In Detective, Pradeep Kumar stars once again with Mala Sinha.  The song is sung by Hemant Kumar and Geeta Dutt.  The music is by Mukul Roy and the lyricist is Shalendra.  What a beautiful song. My heart goes pitter patter when I listen to this.

10.  Tum Chal Rahe Ho Ham Chal Rahe Hain from Duniya Na Maane

Another beauty from the musical repertoire of Madan Mohan with lyrics by Rajinder Krishan.  The song is sung by Mukesh and Lata.  Pradeep Kumar was paired in this film with Mala Sinha once more.

I was going down chronologically through the filmography of Pradeep Kumar and picking the songs I liked best.  But I realised that there are many more beautiful songs of his to be listed.  Rather than make a long list, I decided to split the post into two.  These songs are from the films released in the 50s.  There are many films with excellent songs featuring Pradeep Kumar from the 60s as well.  Coming up ... Some good Pradeep Kumar songs II.


  1. Good article Ava!
    Love all the songs from your list.
    Pradeep Kumar had the fortune to be acting in the golden age of the Hindi films. At that time everybody got to sing soulful tunes. Look at Bharat Bhushan! I think next time you should give him a chance to feature on your blog.

    I don't think Nagin was Vyju's first Hindi film. She acted in Ladki and Bahar before that, didn't she. Or do you mean films, that were not remakes of south films.
    Watching Pradeep Kumar dance is a sight to behold just like with Dev or Raaj Kumar! :D BTW this is one song from your list, which I didn't like much and also tum chale rahe ho, which I feel is a bit silly.

    Didn't know that PPK was a V. Shantaram film-hero as well.

    ae neele gagan tale was new for me. very soulful! wish they hadn't added that echo effect. spoils it.

    WAs lovely to hear ye hansta huwa carvan again! Beautiful! Asha has such an acting voice!
    So many of the songs in the list are by Hemant Kumar!

    BTW thanks for linking the song videos so that they open up in a new tab, this way it is very convenient to click them and listen to the song and sitll read your post.

    Two of my fav songs from the 50s PPK are:

    Thanks for the nice post, Ava!

  2. Thanks Harvey.

    I have amended the post re: Vyjayantimala. I read something to this effect and it stuck in my head.

    Yes, the links opening in a new browser is better. Embedding the youtube videos in the post makes it look messy somehow.

    PPK throws up so many surprises. He was the googly of Indian Cinema. :)

    I love Kahan Le Chale Ho - I didn't pick that because it was a female song. I wanted at least one male sound :)

    I knew the PKK crowd will love this post :)

  3. Nice list, Ava. There are a few songs that don't seem familiar to me. But that's a good thing. It means I get to learn new (old) songs. :-) Thanks.

  4. Do listen to all of them. They are all excellent songs.

    Thanks Raja.

  5. Lovely list, Ava! There are some songs here that I'm not familiar with, so I'm looking forward to getting acquainted with them. :-) And I'm looking forward to Part-II of your post... Pradeep Kumar, like Bharat Bhushan and Rajendra Kumar, was one of those actors whom I don't like, but who had some fabulous songs picturised on them.

    BTW, special thanks for listing the song from Detective. I love Mujhko tum jo mile - one of my favourite duets ever.

    P.S. One question: Why did you include Chandan sa badan in this list? Great song, but what's the Pradeep Kumar connection?

  6. Sorry, sorry, sorry, SORRY! This is what comes of simultaneously going through two lists of songs. I was listening to 'Chandan sa badan' off Anu's latest list of songs. My mistake.

  7. Fabulous Collection Ava.
    I was never a Pradeep Kumar fan because I don't think he knew how to act!
    But he was around in an era of great songs especially the Hemant Kumar ones. Since I listen rather than watch songs most of the time that does not bother me at all :-)

  8. Madhu,

    I thought my songs were very known ones. I am glad if you find a new good one in these.

    Haha.. I was also taken aback at reference to Chandan Ka Badan when I saw the comment in the morning. I have just been to Anu's blog, so I know about it now.

    Thank you.

  9. Shalini,

    In this fb group that I belong to, Pradeep Kumar is referred to as Poor Pradeep Kumar because he is so hopelessly outclassed by Meena Kumari and Ashok Kumar in so many movies :)

    But the songs.. we can't ignore them.

  10. Ava, I listened to all the songs during the day yesterday. And, oddly enough, I realised that other than the songs that I'd identified even without listening to them (Zameen se humein aasmaan pe, Mujhko tum jo mile, Vande mataram, etc), I actually HAD heard the other songs too. And I hadn't known that they were Pradeep Kumar songs, because I'd always only heard them, never seen them! Got to 'meet' some old friends there. :-)

  11. Yes, Madhu. Which is why I am planning to split the post into two. :)

    There are some fabulous songs picturised on him from the 60s as well.

  12. Pradeep Kuamr had a great number of songs that were simply excellent. Your selection is so enchnating.
    May I add a few from side:
    Dil Jo Na Keh Saka - Bhegi Raat -
    Man re tu Kahe na Dheer Dhare o Nirmohi- Chitralekha -

  13. Ava this a Superb collection of Pradeep Kumar songs. Old songs have an amazing melody. which is haunting. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Ava this a superb collection of Pradeep Kumar songs. Old songs have an amazing melody,which makes them immortal.

  15. amvaishnav: Thanks. I will list his 60s songs in a separate list. :)

    Ushaji: Thank you for your kind words.

  16. Superb choice. So many wonderful songs Pradeep Kumar had picturised on him.
    Coming Back to Pradeep Kumar,somehow i always felt that his acting/performance in bengali films were far better than in hindi films. Maybe he was more comfortable & better handled there. Grihadah & Dashyumohan are two remarkable bengali films of his.