Sunday, April 26, 2009

Aamir - Life deals out a nasty hand

Aamir is happy, he is returning to India to his family. His suitcase is loaded with goodies for his brothers and sisters, he carries his Hindu girlfriend's picture to show to his family, he is on cloud number 9. His dreams shatter rapidly as he disembarks at the airport and finds no fond family awaiting him. He is further puzzled as a cellphone is handed to him forcibly. The phone rings and his nightmare begins in earnest. His family has been abducted and he has to do as directed or face death of his loved ones.

Aamir goes all over Mumbai, tired and spiritless. The movie is sad and dark. It is almost like a challange to all the people of the world to make hard choices when they face it themselves.

Uh huh ! I am being a Vee here, that is -- spoilers ahead. If you want to see the movie in earnest, dont read the next paragraph.

At the end of the movie, Aamir suddenly realises that the suitcase he is carrying has a bomb, that he has sweetly been set up. He picks up the suitcase and takes it to a secluded spot and dies with it. He is perhaps aware that his family will not be spared either. It is a singular act of bravery. To spare the unknown old woman, a child that innocently waves goodby to passerbys, at the cost of own's loved ones is a choice not many may make. I may have made the easy exit too, I dont have any claims to being brave. I doubt if the movie will inspire others to take such decisions, but I dont know, it just might.

Spoilers over.

The pace of the movie is quick, and the setting is the streets of Mumbai. The movie looks almost like a documentary, which makes everything look so realistic and you are carried away by the story, even if it is awfully grim. If also makes you realise how innocent bystanders can be involved in some heinous scheme at the spur of the moment. And also that real heros can sometimes go unsung.

Rajeev Khandelwal is the dishy guy from Left Right Left. Many female hearts (including mine) was set aflutter when he appeared on screen. Incredibly handsome, (his eyes are coal black, his features are so even) he has good acting skills even, his only weak point is his slightly weak voice. But hey - his diction is still better than Shah Rukh Khan's. I am hoping he appears soon in some other pic where he vanquishes all the baddies and shows all the wimpy heros on the marquee what a hottie should really look like !

Please someone give Rajeev a good role. We are dying to watch more of him.


  1. Sigh!!! I 2nd you on Rajeev...

    I miss seeing him on screen....I had loved the movie as well :D

  2. Being me, eh? :):) Lovely movie and Rajeev was good. Hope he doesn't end up as another 'one movie wonder'.

  3. Loved the movie. Saw it sometime back.

  4. i totally adore Rajeev .. and liked the movie as well .. very fast paced ..definate repeat-watch movie .. other characters were also well etched .. like that of the villan !

  5. Yes Smita, wasnt he dishy. I read he is making another movie. Lets wait and watch.

    Vee, being you means telling the story frame to frame :):)

    Amit, I liked the movie too, they were able to sustain the pace

    Daz, Aint he the cutest?

  6. I liked this movie too. It was refreshingly different from everything else!

    "I am hoping he appears soon in some other pic where he vanquishes all the baddies and shows all the wimpy heros on the marquee what a hottie should really look like !"
    - Didnt Abhishek Bachchan do that already in a movie called RUN? :D

  7. i did watch the was quite disturbing in the beginning..but admit i loved the end :)rajeev..ahemm is ok .bt not hot enuf liek hrithik ;)

  8. Thanks for the review Ava....I had a crush on him once....but it has been ages that I saw anything of him :)

  9. Gud to see you Valerine - He is so dishy.