Saturday, April 4, 2009

Is Redemption Possible? Just a few thoughts, not really a review

On the face of it, The Shawshank Redemption is a guys movie. Tough criminals together, some sordid details, plenty of male bonding, and women right where men want them.. looking good on posters.

But as one watches, one realises that it is perhaps an allegory on life itself. Aren't we all living in prisons? Of our own making too, we cant blame the state or some lousy attorney for it. We are hemmed in our regular lives, moving between an endless cycle of office-home-grocery stores-eating and shitting endlessly. Occasionally taking a break to enjoy ourselves in usual ways, making out, going to movies, going to parks, taking a break (like being on a Parole). We are in this rut because we are too fearful of the world outside, like Red.

The stark truth is our wings are not bright enough. We just dont know how to fly away and strike our own paths. It is a kind of a movie that bowls you over in retrospect, and wants to make you watch it again, right away.


  1. Those r splendid thoughts.
    I personally feel its one of the BEST movies ..(period) .

    Stephen King .. originally known for horror write ups has penned this classic

    Hats off !!

  2. It certainly grows on you. And makes you think. wow !

  3. aha! Not having watched this movie, I cannot say much about it... will reserve it right away...

    Loved the analysis...

  4. one of those rare movies that I've watched and loved. and yes agree to your observation. one way or the other we are tied down.

  5. EISI-
    yay! i've watched a movie that u haven't yay yay yay!!!!!

  6. Ramya,

    hee hee hee - thats really cool.... now I'll hv to watch this movie even more quickly :-P

  7. I seriously recommend this movie. There are so many beautiful dialouges here, Morgan Freeman is at his best.

    EISI, this is such a guys movie, I wonder how you missed it. It is one of those all time greats.

    BB, Sometimes I really wonder at the way our days pass. Esp in office, I feel like I am in jail. Really !

  8. wow!!!

    Such lovely thoughts and so very true....

    Might not watch the movie though :) but loved ur words!!!

  9. I read this somewhere - when God really wants to punish someone, he turns him into a human!

  10. Smita - Thanks.

    Amit - You know, that might just be true.

  11. need to watch this movie.. sitting in my comp waiting to be watched.. nice words !

  12. One of those which I can watch any number of times. Freeman's one of best. Dialogues, characters were the best. A complete mind-churning stuff. No wonder it is rated number 1 on IMDB. This and Pulp fiction are two guy's movies which everyone should see.

    @Einstein, Seriously? I didn't believe that for a moment. Gosh, see it buddy.

  13. Daz, Admittedly a hard movie to start watching.. n keep up with.. being all prison stuff. But it kinda grows on you. The end is the best of course.

    Vee - I saw Pulp Fiction too. I guess I need to see it again. But THIS blows you away. I have been rethinking my life after that - seriously.

  14. @ BB.... chalo, Atleast my not watching the movie made you happy!.. lol

    @ vee,
    The wheeles are in motion - If all goes to plan, I'll be redeemed by the next weekend!

    @ Ava,
    Rethinking ur ilfe... seriously? Itni "bhaari" movie hai kya?

  15. EISI, Not really bhaari. I dont know, I just got thinking. It was a sort of a trigger.

  16. @Ava, Agree, Pulp wont put u in retrospect like this, but a class of it's own.

    @Einstein, Let's see.

  17. I did see Pulp Fiction. It was gripping...

  18. The movie was nice! And I like your POV about we living in prisons!!

    Destination Infinity