Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wanted - A Life

Wesly Gibson (James McAvoy) has a sad life. He spends his days in a cubicle getting bossed around by Janice (Lorna Scott) his overweight bitchy boss. His girlfriend Cathy (Kirsten Hager) is fine. But she cheats on him with his best friend. Wes does a lot of ego googling and is depressed to find nothing coming up against his name. His bank account is zilch and he knows he has to depend on his cheating girlfriend for subsistance. This is pits, man! One can only go up from here.

Suddenly, he is caught in seeming crossfire between two assassins when on a visit to the supermarket. A foxy assassin seems intent on saving his life. She shoots at the other guy till he loses them, takes him on a wild car chase while he is yelling and screaming like the perfect wimp that he is. From now on life changes as Wes realises he is an assassin by legacy, and also a rich guy. All he has to do is to take some really tough training aided by Fox (Angelina Jolie) the foxy assassin.

There are fabulous effect to keep you glued to your seat. James McAvoy plays the Peter Parker character very well. He looks like a wimp too, with his petite looks and red lips. His transformation is well executed, from a wimp to a killer dude.

There are plenty of twists and turns in the plot to keep you engrossed. As in fantasy films and some thrillers, there are some fantastic assumptions here. Like a group of assassins looking inside the warp and weft of fabric to determine the name of the next person to be killed. Like a total wimp turning into the best killer in business in matter of days. Like a guy who bashed his colleagues face is able to get back to his workdesk anytime he wants to.

But still it a movie that is well written and stylishly executed. The odd match of Angeline Jolie and James McAvoy works. Thanks to some good acting by JM. Only time I liked Jolie was when she was playing a tomb raider.

There are some good effects here, as I mentioned before, death defying stunts and curving bullets, almost like target-seeking missiles. Some good punchlines like, 'Kill that motherfucker' and 'What the fuck have YOU been doing lately'.

Sigh ! I am not in a high budget movie dears, or I would dump my boring job n walk out to turn into a gorgeous assassin. For starters, I guess I should buy a magnifying glass and start looking at the warp and weft of my clothes.

Update : I read this morning in the papers that Wanted-2 is in offing and is likely to be shot in India (some parts I guess)


  1. Lol @ the last para, if only we could :D cool review vaise main dekhoongi to hai nahin but will use the knowledge ;-)

  2. am a big fan of jolie.. somehow missed this movie .. gotta watch it !! .. lol on the last para !

  3. aah! Will see it right now. It has been lying in my laptop for months and screaming for attention.

  4. i was going who? to all the names in ur first para until i got to jolie, that's when it clicked. have seen the trailers .... yeah, ditto smita :P

    i dont like jolie at all, but i wonder how much of it is to do with her acting and how much of it with the persona she had developed before she settled down to mothering & spokesperson-giri ...

  5. Smi, BB, cp - I dont like Jolie, but like JI, and as the focus of attn is JI, its tolerable. The movie has some amazing visuals, is totally watchable.

  6. Amit - dekho - its fun.

    Daz - It was one of more successful movies, unlike the other duds she has been delivering.

  7. Wokay, will see if I get this but to tell u I get repelled by that Jolie girl.. don like her much... In her 'Changeling' act too, I found her fake like before.

  8. From the comments, I guess jolie is like SRK - hated by most, but still popular! :-)

    Have seen the movie when it released. Somehow, I'm attracted to a chick in a tight bodysuit and Jolie fills the suit quite well!

    I think the stunts in the movie were well accepted bcoz they were executed by a beautiful woman. She can sell anything with her looks n her bod! She also uses her eyes to act at times and that makes her above average as a package! LIke Vee, i too find her fake, but I do enjoy watching her on screen.

    Loved the revu writing style! The style was like reading the intro during an oscar ceremony where they build up the hype before revealing the name. Pretty cool! :-)

    8/10 for the revu ;-)

    [Now Vee will tell me to leave u alone, but I wont listen to him, yet again] hee hee

  9. vee - ditto. Like I said I only liked her in the tomb raider flicks. Even in the small changeling snippet shown during the oscar ceremony - I found her acting too loud - tht fake accent ! And wonder why she was nominated. Mayb just for the glamour quotient.

    In Wanted, its really JI who does most of the work, and he makes it work.

  10. EISI, you know I do that often, I am so engrossed in writing, that I fail to mention the product. That used to happen to me in MS too. Then I made it a habit to go back and mention the product at the outset so it would not look too obscure. But here, as I had put the name in the title, I let it go.

  11. I aint complaining. I like the style :-)

  12. Err... ain't it James Mc Avoy rather than James Ivory of the Ivory-Merchant fame?

  13. Indi - aha ! thanks ! caught me.. will correct it right away.