Friday, October 2, 2009

Wake Up Sid! - 2009

There is something really refreshing about seeing a movie you have heard hardly anything about, and discover it scene by scene and be captivated by it.

Sidharth Mehra (Ranbir Kapoor) is a spoilt rich brat who is appearing for his last college exam. His intention is stay up the whole night and study hard and pass. However, he finds himself doodling, watching TV, snacking, snoozing all the time and passing out when he is tries to study. He does badly in his paper, but forgets it all and parties hard with his friends. He attends his farewell party and discovers a pretty bengali girl writing away in her diary. Aisha Bannerjee (Konkana Sen Sharma) is new to Mumbai and looking for a job in a magazine, Mumbai Beat. They are diametrically opposite. Sid is rich, pampered, spoilt, clueless and lazy. Aisha is purposeful, educated, active and independent. But they gel instantly and become friends.

Sidharth's father, Anupam Kher, tries to bribe his son into taking an interest in his business of bath fittings. Sidharth cant be pinned down to a 9-5 job and walks out after a week. He spends time with his college pals and Aisha, helping her settle into a new studio apartment. After a showdown with his parents, he leaves home and moves in with Aisha. His credit card is cancelled and he finds he needs to earn money. He starts working in Aisha's firm as an intern-photograper. He starts dating Tanya, the design-intern, while Aisha finds herself dating Kabir (Rahul Khanna), her boss.

Ok, I had better stop divulging more details. The movie is like a slice of life. The scenes are utterly convincing and very funny without being slapstick-comedic. Although there is 'Plot' as such, things seem to keep happening on their own. The pace of the movie never flags.

Both Sid and Aisha learn more things about themselves. Sid of course, has far to go as he is a spoilt brat who has never given a thought to others. But even seemingly perfect Aisha finds herself doing a double-take when Kabir tells her that she has some immature tastes and needs to be cultivated. (This was surely my favorite scene in the film). Even Sid yells back at Aisha that he tired of being told he is a kid when he has tried so hard to improve himself, but Aisha never seems to acknowledge his efforts.

There are some lovely human touches in the film. The relationship between Aisha and Sid. It is totally refreshing. They are never gooey or pally or overly sentimental. They are just together because they have fun together. Then there is Sid's mom. Played by my old favorite Supriya Pathak. When I saw her name in the credits I was stabbed by a fear that I was going to see a Hansa clone. Surely this iconic character from Khichdi was played fabulously by Supriya, but I didnt need to see it EVERYWHERE. But here Supriya plays a mother who is eager for her son's love. It was so touching that I had tears at the back of my eyes most time. But again, its not the OTT Maaaa type of thing. Just a sweet usual mother thing.

Then there is Sonia (Kashmira Shah) who is Aisha's neighbour. She has the hots for Sid right away. Later she gets pally with them both, teaching Sid how to cook eggs and share a drink with Aisha and ask her about her sex life. Then there is another neighbour who wants Sid to photograph her son, and bribes them with yummy poha.

On the other hand, the life seems a tad easy for them all. There is too much eye candy. Despite her moneyless status, Aisha is able to do up her apartment very well. Sid wears all those cool tees, socks and shoes (well, he has a rich father). Aisha too, dresses up in really cool stuff. They are able to eat out and go pub-hunting despite being freshers at work. But then, the pretty look is pleasing and aesthetic. So ok. It adds to the fun.

As for performances they are all toppers, ALL. Anupam Kher puts in a dignified performance. Supriya is wonderful as the mother who tries to speak English so she may not seem out of place with her son's friends. Kashmira Shah is great. All the people who played Sid's friends are great.

Ranbir Kapoor seems tailor made for the role. When peeved he seems petulant and spoilt. He just seems to be going with the flow. He looks every inch a college grad with his low slung, chaddi revealing jeans and cartoon tees. I loved his bright socks. I think I will hunt for some similar ones for my son. (err for me too).

Konkana I have reserved for the last because she is the best. She has lost oodles of weight and looks stunning in this movie. She has turned in an amazing performance. I could watch the movie once more just for her.

Just one plot hole. Konkana is supposed to be 27 years old. During her interview, she seems to be fresh out of college. College freshers are younger than that. It could have been explained a bit. Just a line of dialogue, to describe what she was doing all this time.

To the credit of the writers, they concentrate more on other elements of Aisha-Sid relationship, their mutual comfort, the fun they have together, their chemistry, rather than harping on the age. It is just mentioned once or twice and never again. Another thing I liked was how there are no shadi plans or any serious implications involved with them both. They just like being together so they are. Wow !

Music is by Shankar-Ehsan-Loy and its wonderful. There was this Ektara song that I am dying to hear again.

Great Job by Karan Johar the producer and Ayan Mukherjee the writer/director.