Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bhupinder Singh

Bhupinder is a musician and a singer.  He was never top of the heap as a singer, his voice was kind of heavy as if someone was singing though a cold.  Indian voices are preferred sweet, especially for playback singing.  He was the best guitarist in India at one time.  He has provided the guitar sounds for such songs as Dum maro dum and Chura liya hai tumne jo dil ko.

According to wikipedia he used to play violin and guitar over Doordarshan.  It was Madan Mohan who heard him and offered him a song in Haqeeqat.  He provided music to some songs and sung some songs for Gulzar's movies.

During the 80s when Jagjit Singh spearheaded a ghazal wave, he also cut a few ghazal albums with his wife Mitali.  He was seen again on Doordarshan in the typical 'ghazal' uniform of kurta pajama with a shawl slung by his side,  his pretty wife beside him, singing ghazals.  We don't see much of him now, but I still have fond memories of the lovely songs he sang.  Here goes my tribute to his unusual singer.

1.  Hoke Majboor Mujhe:   This is the song that started it all.  He even played a small part in this movie, he was slim and handsome then. This lovely Kaifi Azmi/Madan Mohan song has many singers, wait till you get to Bhupinder.

2. Kisi Nazar ko tera :  What a lovely song from the movie Aitbaar.  Also an excuse for looking at the lovely Ms. Dimple Kapadia.

3.  There is nothing like Gulzar's poetry, the images it invokes, the words he uses. Wow.  Bhupinder's voice is as unusual as his poetry, no wonder they produced so many good songs together.  The beautiful music is by Jaidev.

4.  Dil dhoondta hai : Gulzar-Madan Mohan-Bhupinder-Lata.  This song is pure magic.

Dil dhoondta hai phir wohi fursat ke raat din
Baithe rahe tasavure jaana kiye hue.

Gulzar picked up the lovely sher from Ghalib and added his own lyrics to create this magical song.

5.  Jaane yeh mujhko kya ho raha hai:   Ek baar Phir is not very well known I am afraid, but it was a lovely little movie starring Pradeep Kishan (who?), Deepti Naval and Suersh Oberoi. Music by Raghunath Seth, with lots of guitar, maybe by Bhupinder.   

6. Do diwane shehar me: Runa Laila teams up with Bhupinder for this rollicking song.  It has a sad version too, but I love love love this song.

7.  All these songs are great, amazing, wonderful.  But my most favorite Bhupinder is this.  It is a beautiful nightclub song to die for. Music is by Khayyam. Lyrics by none other than Kaifi Azmi.  Bhupinder plays the guitar and sings for us, onscreen too.  Enjoy!

Rut jawan jawan, raat meherban
chedo koi dastaan